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Cross-cultural Interdisciplinary case study was held online

From 7th March to 11th March 2022, Cross-cultural Interdisciplinary Case Study was held.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was held virtually the same as last year.
The purpose of this program is to expand the academic exchange and create a more interdisciplinary focus, and to educate healthcare professionals with the ability to be active worldwide.
During the program, 8 groups consisting of different countries and disciplines were formed and assigned one common case scenario: Diabetes and complications.

Group discussions had covered the goal setting for the patients, possible healthcare based on insurance coverage and influential factors on a medical care plan. This cross-cultural discussion made students aware that different standpoints for the care plans reflected cultural differences and an insurance system in each country. At the end of the program, each group demonstrated the result of a series of fruitful discussions.
In this year, total of 52 students (including our 32 students of School of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences from Kitasato University) had taken part in this program and had active online discussions. From overseas, students of FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences from Austria, Charles University in Prague from Czech Republic, University of Medical Technology, Yangon from Myanmar, National Cheng Kung University from Taiwan, Thomas Jefferson University, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Kentucky had joined.