Tuition and Scholarships

About Tuition Fees

Tuition Waiver for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students and Foreign Government-Sponsored International Students at Kitasato University Graduate School.

Only the following international students can apply, and if they are selected through internal screening, they will be eligible for a full/partial tuition waiver.
For more information, please contact the graduate school you wish to enroll.

Eligible students

1. Those who receive a scholarship sponsored by their own country/region and admitted to the graduate school of Kitasato University as an international student.

2. Those who receive a scholarship as the MEXT scholarship student and admitted to the graduate school of Kitasato University, in principle, as an international student.

3. Those who are admitted to the graduate school of Kitasato University as an international student and are recommended by Kitasato University and selected as the MEXT scholarship student.

4. Those who receive a scholarship as the MEXT scholarship student and are accepted to Kitasato University as a non-regular student.


Scholarships for international students are offered by the Japanese government, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), local organizations, international exchange organizations, and private organizations.
You can find the scholarship information we received from those organizations on our website, each school /graduate school and the bulletin boards of each campus.
Major Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students
Scholarship information that we received is shared with each school.
There are two ways to apply: recommended by the university or directly applied by the applicant.
As for the scholarships that require a recommendation from the university, applicants will be selected through an internal screening and recommended by Office of International Affairs to the recruiting organization.

Information will be provided by Office of International Affairs and also posted on our website, so please be careful not to overlook it and complete the procedures within the specified deadline.

Other than the MEXT scholarship, there are the ones that can be secured before coming to Japan.
Students who have achieved good results in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students are guaranteed to receive the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students for one year before they come to Japan.
However, those who enroll in graduate schools are not eligible for this scholarship.

The Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

This scholarship is provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

[Eligible students]
Regular students  (undergraduate and graduate students) and non-regular students (research students)
Students who have excellent academic performance and character and need financial assistance to continue their studies

[Monthly stipend]
Graduate/undergraduate level: 48,000 yen per month

[Scholarship period]
12 months (From April in the academic year of selection to next March)

[Application period]
Around April every year.

MEXT Scholarship (Domestic Selection)
※No recruitment since 2015

There is a "domestic selection" system for privately financed international students enrolled in graduate school as a regular student to be selected as MEXT scholarship students.

[Application period]
Around October.

Scholarships for International Students Offered by Private Organization

There are a variety of scholarships offered by the private sector.
If you would like to know the details, please check the latest information on our website.
Information is also available at Office of International Affairs and the offices of each school.
Please feel free to ask us when you need some help.
About MEXT Scholarship Students
If you wish to enroll as the MEXT scholarship student, the students accepted by Kitasato University are divided into the graduate school level and undergraduate school level.
There are three ways to apply: embassy recommendation, university recommendation, and domestic selection.
Embassy recommendation and university recommendation are eligible for the students who live abroad and wish to study in Japan.

Embassy Recommendation

Recruitment and selection will be conducted by Japanese embassies and consulates abroad.

[Application period]
Around April or May, there are application announcements for international students who will come to Japan in April or October of the following year.

[Process of selection]
First screening (document review, written test, interview) held at diplomatic missions abroad.
?Second screening (MEXT conducts second screening and university placement)
?Announcement of selection results.

[Arrival in Japan]
April or October

University Recommendation

Kitasato University will be recommending individual applicants who are from universities that concluded exchange agreement with Kitasato University or the institute conducting joint research projects with Kitasato University to MEXT.

[Application period]
Around December: open for application
Around March: deadline to MEXT

[Process of selection]
Recommended candidates from our university (we conduct internal screening: document screening and interview)
?After going through the review committee of MEXT, the result of the selection will be notified around June.

[Arrival in Japan]