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Kitasato Academic Research Organization

Generating an Excellent Drug from Academia

Our mission is to develop and deliver an excellent therapeutics for the patients through innovative clinical research. Together with four hospitals in The Kitasato Institute, we provide a high quality clinical research for pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Also, we discover an excellent pharmaceuticalseeds and apply them on clinical research. We support global clinical research from academic viewpoints.

Kitasato Memorial Museum

A Greater Understanding of the Kitasato Philosophy

To honor the life and achievements of Shibasaburo Kitasato, and to make his philosophy more widely known, starting in 1964, some of his personal articles were exhibited in the research wing of the Institute. These exhibits were moved to the Kitasato main building in 1997 and opened to the public. The number of visitors has now risen to over 60,000. The analysis and examination of the 6,500 items is ongoing, and as new historical facts come to light, they are announced in Donner, our public relations magazine.


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The Center of Education and Research for Agromedicine


In a speech called “Idouron”(meaning ‘a principle for medicine’), Shibasaburo Kitasato said: “The basics of medicine are to prevent illness before it occurred by explaining health management method and importance of physical fitness to the people.”, and argued that the basics of medicine are prevention taking the environment into consideration. Great persons in history in several specialized fields such as agriculture, medicine, environmentology and science had similar ideas with Kitasato. For example, “Agriculture nourishes health.” –Inazo Nitobe, “All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility (potential) of the soil.” –Alexis Carrel. They pointed out the importance of integrated understanding of agriculture and medicine through the environment, and exhort to have an interdisciplinary perspective beyond the specialized fields.

For the inclusive society in the 21st century, integrated thinking from various points of view, which relates each phenomena, is required.

Kitasato University, aspiring to be frontiers of the life sciences, has been advocating “the science of Agromedicine” with its knowledge and technique since 2005. It combines agriculture playing an active role in food production and medicine relating with health promotion through the environment. We firmly believe that developing and spreading “the science of Agromedicine” is essential to solve complicated global problems.

Therefore the University established the Center of Education and Research for Agromedicine to make for a healthy society, and to improve the welfare of humankind through education, research and diffusion based on “the science of Agromedicine”.


The Center, based on“the science of Agromedicine” combining agriculture and medicine through the environment, intends to make for a healthy society and to improve the welfare of humankind through cross-cutting education, research and diffusion: prevention of illness, health promotion, development of safe food, implementation of environmental conservation agriculture, implementation of “healing agriculture”, environmental reclamation and creation.


  1. Developing and implementing educational programs about Agromedicine
  2. Promoting research on Agromedicine
  3. Publicizing and operationalization of research achievement
  4. Collection, research and analysis of information about Agromedicine
  5. Dispersing information and familiarizing Agromedicine to the public
  6. Others


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Sanriku Education and Research Center for Marine Biosciences

Sanriku Education and Research Center for Marine Biosciences

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Yakumo Experimental Farm

Yakumo Experimental Farm

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