Research Institutes

?mura Satoshi Memorial Institute

A Global Hub of Infection Control Research

Following the traditions and achievements of the Kitasato Institute established by Shibasaburo Kitasato, the Institute strategically undertakes the analysis of the pathogenic mechanism of diseases, an understanding of pathophysiology, infectious epidemiology surveys, diagnostic drug development, creation of curative drugs, and the development of vaccines as preventive medicine. Through intramural collaboration with university departments, research centers, and affiliated research centers, as well as extramural research centers and pharmaceutical companies, we hope, in an industry-governmentuniversity collaborative effort, to develop new vaccines and anti-infective medicines.

Oriental Medicine Research Center

A Pioneer in Exploring the Wisdom of Oriental Medicine

Since its establishment in 1972, the Center has played a pioneering role in the study of Oriental medicine. In 1986, it became the first Japanese institution to be designated as a WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine. In the clinical department, experts for Kampo medicine (Traditional Japanese Medicine) offer a variety of patient-focused treatments like herbal treatment or acupuncture/moxibustion in the style of Kampo medicine. Introducing the idea of Western medicine, the Center will continue to emphasize research activity in order to realize integrative healthcare practiced at an even higher level.